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Hi there, I’m glad you found me.

My name is Mattia Rissone in Engineer Geologist Univ. Geneva/and i compose music when i found the right time!

On this website you can find what I have been up to lately and even a little bit about where I will go in the future. First of all I’m a geologist and I work all over the world but I love Japan and from 15 years this is my home.

The music has returned to be part of my life after 25 years from my early 80s when I was a student at the University of Geneva. With a colleague of studies I invented a mathematical model that could elaborate music extracted from baroque instruments and harpsichord.

Maybe at the time the music was too forward 30 years… but now the time is ripe.



The atmospheres evoked by Delord reveal themselves through a big expressive freedom and a compositive open style, where the piano meets the lights of lamps, created by the artist, in a show of colours and chromotherapy. Soft and dreamy melodies cross the dance of the notes of this young writer of Dreams.


The Plasters, formed in Parma in 2007. Based on our native English speakers and lived in London, the lyrics are entirely in English. The melodies recall the Californian pop-punk years ’90 / ’00 with elements brit post-Beatles.


SQUID LID is a Dark Electro-Pop spectacle for the everyday explorer. This deep sea experience takes audiences (lovingly called Tentacles) on an eerie journey through the strange and unusual world that is Squid Lid.


DNR more than just a name of several meanings, DNR is a construct of dreams. A sanctuary for everyone that seeks to experience the unchained reality. The symbiosis of mixed musical influences paired with a eccentric style. Four dreams fused into one. This is DNR.