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fish you see is called AGI


I’m in Tokyo semi free. What to do? Club no thanks!
What I do since it is a period of fresh Agi. Well Atami. An hour of Shinkansen
from Tokyo and I’m s Shizuoka!

Shinkansen full! I’m going to Shibuya. From Hachico. Cross the mall.
After crossing you are at the Bus Terminal.
Go to the ticket office, tell Atami. They give you the ticket and number of buses, spending about 2500 yen.

Arrival to Atami after about 3 hours by bus and I saw all the coast!
Near the station I see so many restaurants and pools I see AGI !!!
In and sit down. (says me welcome! tampin!) means ala carte i say yes .. Agi Sashimi fresh-cut !!!
Arigata answers and leaves.


After about 20 minutes. Here comes !! Sashimi on the plate, decorated, and I see the fish without meat still has the head of the spine and the tail moves and opens its mouth, alongside the famous Sashimi of Agi of Shizuoka.
After dinner I go looking for a hotel. I find one I go to Ossen public pay 500 yen. Returning to the hotel is 2 am I have a bath in the hotel’s hotel.

I’m so glad I go down and get ready for breakfast 08.00 and then get back to train in Tokyo.

12 hours of life not lost in paperwork

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